Naturally Fresh

Sparkling Clean Water
from your tap

Made that way with 'Eres

'Eres is made from a natural material that is processed into extremly porous ceramic by fireing it at a a very high temperature. This produces microscopic holes that multiply the surface area by up to three times. These holes allow the media to have highly absorbent properties. This unique fireing process produces a very light weight and durable media. A media that is capable of purifying, plus reduces hardness. 'Eres diverse capabilities separates it from more conventional medias. It's distinctive traits make it suitable for many environmental, horticultural, and industrial applications.

 Naturally Fresh

Water Purifiers remove or reduces!

  • Clorine!!
  • Lead!!Nitrites and nitrates!!
  • Bad Odors!!
  • Bad Taste!!
  • All contaminants being watched by the 'EPA'!!!!



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