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My Journey to the Lord

I was born a Catholic, raised as a United Brethren, and confirmed as a Lutheran; but I didn't know the Lord. Often we are confused in thinking that to know about the Lord is to know the Lord. FALSE!! Most every adulterer, slanderer, murderer, etc; has heard ABOUT the Lord; but few really get to know him.

When I first started my search for the truth:"
I knew too much about the Lord to make the search easy. I new the stories and what it was SUPOSE to be like, but saw too much of the negative Christian side. I knew the pastors that played poker - smoked cigars - occasionally swore, - and some got divorced; the business man that sang so beautifully on Sunday - cheated his taxes on Monday after making passes at some of his staff; and the sopranos that fantasized being in the soap opera and what she would do in that case. It's no wonder I didn't want to be a Christian. I was hungry and knew there had to be more than this world had to offer, and in my search I found many others had the same need. So I tried:

Left me to stupefied, and were too temporary to do me much good. It didn't take long for me to look elsewhere for happiness.

In Kensing Yoga;"
I was taught to seek inner peace through exercises and meditation on the goodness in life. What I found was that I was already in pretty good shape. I could (at that time) wrap my feet around my head and walk on my hands, which was more than most of the "Masters" could do. As for the goodness of life I needed to find that first. When ask what to meditate on, I would answer "The sound of one hand clapping"; the leaders did not appreciate my humor.

With the Guru MaHaraji-Gi;"
I found a lot of nice people who, many of in latter, life made great Christians. Many of them were looking for the truth as I was. For some reason rolling my tongue back in my mouth "tasting heavenly nectar" and rolling my eyes in the back of my head which stimulates the pituitary gland to "see the light of heaven" seemed to lack much. I didn't want to be on the outside looking in, I wanted to be part of heaven not just looking at the light. The boy guru who was to save mankind promised to be to us whatever we need of him (a friend, brother, father, savior, or god). But with all the guards around him you could not be very close to him. Even his "Mahatma" or the inner circle only saw him for a few minutes at a time and often were months between visits. The thought of "darshan" (bowing down to kiss his feet) I found very repulsive. I would often ask God for a feeling of peace, and he would answer me by making my stomach churn.

Transindental (Spelling) Meditation:"
Were variations of the above

With the "Spiritual Enchantment" people:"
I recognized them immediately as being demonic! Wishing them Divine Blessings I went on my way

I followed every young persons dream and ran away with the carnival. It was a very carnal life style which lasted almost 4 months. The one good thing I got out of this was that I met my wife Dee( Though neither of us were Christians, we were good for each other. On our first Christmas together I put her engagement ring at the top of our Christmas Tree. She missed it till I pulled it off Christmas Morning and said we ought to get married in the spring. We got married with a very different wedding in city park on May 1. Mayday!! A Non Christian Marriage may not seem like a step toward the Lord, but for us it was"

Imagine this wild carnival hippie running off with your innocent daughter who had already given her his son. Any parent would live in pure terror.

This is the only picture we have from this part of our life. We found it in a stack of moldy old photos. It WAS color.

A new Life:"
My Son was 3; we had moved to Leadville Colorado. I had long hair to the middle of my back and a 4 letter vocabulary that would make a sailor's ears curl. Dee's arms had never been empty (until AJ we have always had a child under 4 living in our house). We had three Children from a young girl not ready to be a mother (16 on her 3rd child), and three foster children JUST placed with us. The Baptist knocked on our door. I new how to make any religion get their feathers ruffled and I was about to give these guys a run through the wringers when they offered to baby-sit our kids for 3-4 hours every Sunday morning if I would have them dressed and ready for the bus at 8:30 AM. WOW a FREE babysitter!!!

The new Beginning:"
Well things were great for about 5 weeks; then the questions started, not from the church but from my kids. Little things like "we learned about Noah and the Ark, what did you do?" or "Do you know why Lot's Wife turned to a pillar of salt?". Well we didn't study about Noah, and I guess Lot's wife need a better diet, that's really "Hardening of the arteries".

It was time to see what junk they were filling my children's head with. So we attended. All the Childhood Bible stories began to come back. So I began to read the BOOK. The more I read, The more I realized what a sinner I was. Now comes the real problem, The Lord had me; the next step was mine. I couldn't put the book down, so I read every waking moment. Now there are a lot of passages that leave a lot of room for interpretation, Corinthians was one of the toughest for me. The Church we were going to was a Federalist Baptist, and they don't believe in the gifts of the Spirit, as do other churches. But I could see the Holy Spirit at work, but feared retribution; they believed that speaking in tongues was "from Satan."

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Then one Sunday it happened; NO, I did not start babbling in tongues, but those who knew me could see what was taking place. My wife was ready to call an ambulance while our friends just prayed. While streams of sweat were rolling down my face, I was shaking like a tree in the middle of a storm (My Storm); I could not speak, just wanted out. All I could think of was "Lord, don't make me speak in tongues, they will say I am going to hell"!

I continued reading and kept this to myself. One night my wife confronted me. The conversation went something like this:"
Dee: "What are you waiting for?""
Me: "Nothing""
Dee: "I can't wait much longer!""
Me: "For What?""
Dee: "I have to go forward and get saved. I wanted you to be saved too!"

Me: "I already am; I thought you knew. I'm just waiting on you before I go forward!"

The following Sunday we went forward, and the Pastor came out to our house to visit with us. If you think this is the end of the story, you're wrong.

When we visited with the Pastor He informed us that I needed to cut my hair. My Pony Tail went to the middle of my back and I could tickle the middle of my stomach with my Goatee. Of course that had to go, and he had all the scriptures to back it up. No problem but: Why do 99% of the woman here have short hair and don't wear coverings?? I was being argumentative!! (New Believers are not suppose to catch these thing I guess)

It took us a couple of month of visits before we started looking for another church. The main thing that God convicted me of was that there was a place for us, I just did not know where; and that I couldn't be like other Christian. I had to KNOW why I did things.

My wife continues with this church while I checked out some other churches. For a lot of personal reasons I turned down most of the churches, None were salvation issues though. If it were not for my wife I probably would have joined the "LAMB" Church. They were more like the home churches in the New Testament. The met on Sunday in a local bar called the RAM, which stood for "Raggedy Ass Miners". What better place to witness?

We finally settled on the Southern Baptist in Leadville. Not for doctrinal reason, because I was still (And still am) forming my doctrinal opinions. The Pastor and his wife were the reason we went there. Though many of the older members were stone hard Baptists, the pastor had a heart of gold. He and I(nobody else would pitch in) would clean the church on Saturdays for the Sunday service. I was still pouring over the scriptures every night for hours and needed someone to bounce thing off of without preaching at me. The Pastor would encourage me to read and study. Though he kept pretty close to Baptist doctrine, I was not required to. So every Saturday we would clean the church and spend the afternoon over coffee and what I had read during the week. It wasn't long till I hit the Baptism scriptures and shortly after we were baptized.

This can continue for many many more pages telling of the Ministries I've been involved in (both Good and destructive), and how we became involved with adopting 11 very handicapped children, and being with 7 as the Lord called them home. The point I want to make here is that God uses everything, even in my case Satanic occults to bring us too him. I am to judge ONLY what will cause me to fail and NOTHING else. Churches, Denominations, Beliefs, are for him to judge no me.

I encourage you to sit back and listen to the music one full time before going to the next page

The REAL Key is to Love everyone as he loves me.

The music on this page is Too Small A Price - Don Francisco
One of the first concerts I went to as a new Christian was Don Francisco Who was playing in a small church in Bueno Vista Colorado about 30 miles from Leadville.

Don Francisco is on of few who offer their music as a ministry. I encourage you to support his ministry through the albums, they are only $11.00 each. But if you can't afford to purchase his music then you can download them at in full cd mp3 quality. I've cut this one down because of the size for the web pages.

Please go to page 2 for more music and more of my story

Page 2 - Growth

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