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Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

When I first accepted Christ I was told I was a new creation and everything would be different, but when change came most were shocked. I did not fit the mold they had for a Christian. There was a Christian singer I later called the "Pajama Man" because his suits looked like pajamas; Steve Taylor. The one song I like most was "I wanna be a clone". I definitely was NOT. As I said before God had convicted me that I was NOT to be like the other Christians I had known, I had to be real.

I Want To Be A Clone is a sarcastic song about churches where it doesn't matter what the Bible says, one is only a Christian if one dresses, talks, and acts like everyone else at that church.

They told me that I'd fall away
Unless I followed what they say
Who needs the Bible anyway?
I want to be a clone

Their language it was new to me
But Christianese got through to me
Now I can speak it fluently
I want to be a clone

'Cause if you want to be one of his
Got to act like one of us
I asked the Lord into my heart
They said that was the way to start
But now you've got to play the part
I want to be a clone

I also found a need to tackle the scriptures that others wanted to tip toe around; like Ecclesiastes 12:8 Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all [is] vanity. And others. Somehow I manage to find meaning in them.

Change did not come fast(enough for me) though others cautioned me to slow down. I kept my long hair more as a statement that a point of rebellion; It wasn't till I let my hair grow that I began seeking the face of God. The point God convicted me of first was to quit using his name. In my BC era every other word was profane. First it was the use of God and Jesus as a verb; I got a bit of a break then, it was almost a year till he convicted me not to use body functions in my language.

During that time he worked on my heart condition. My heart was made of stone. Before he could reshape or mold me he had to crush my heart to dust, water it with his tears and kneed it to make me like clay. Turning granite to clay is possible but a lot of work must be put into it, but my God was patient and took the time to shape this vessel to what he has today. Fortunately for me, the work was started about two years before the Mines in Leadville shut down, and is continuing on today.

Change could be seen almost immediately, but most didn't figure it would last. But intelligent answers seemed to just happen. One of the best examples was about a year after I accepted the Lord. Dirt seems to attract to me like metal shaving to a magnet, I am always twice as dirty as others doing the same job. A fellow worker caught me in the locker room before I had showered and ask:
"Haven't you ever heard that cleanliness is next to Godliness?"
"Yes" I replied.
"Well, look into a mirror. What do you have to say about that face?"
With out a pause I replied "Dirt is washed of with soap and water! I'm concerned about the filth of the soul, because that is only cleansed with the blood of Jesus Christ"
After he picked his jaw off the floor he never bothered me again about religion.

I've always had trouble with the verse
2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come.

Because so much of the old is carried over. Transforming I can understand, but about the only way I fathom a "New Creation" is in terms of the soul. But the personal change seems to be more gradual. To expect others to fit in the "Clone" mold of a Christian doesn't seem to work. Perhaps that is why we see so many people back slide and return to their old life. We are not looking in the correct places for the fruits of change.

One week-end we had a 4 day leave (we got what they called "Long Change" once a month) we went back to Iowa to see my wife's family. The only thing I remember about that trip was the new cassette tape we got just before the trip. It was "People of the Son" by Ken Medema. For a blind piano player he had a spiritual sight that really woke me up. He had a way of singing a story of transformation. He sang of people willing to lay down their life for what they believed in. The song that hit home the most was "Hey, Goody Goody" about a lady who "Won the sinners" over to God and left them hanging while she flitted to the next victim. Her only concern was keeping her score card filled. So often we coax people to go forward and "Be Saved" but we don't have time to nurture them. I wonder if this is a further meaning of " the Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few; We all want to be in the lime light, but who is left to clean the toilets? It is a wonderful thing to see thousands go forward at the big revivals, but if there is no follow-up then what good are we? What does it mean to be truly committed verses "Playing Church".


The person at gave me permission to use only one song. Though I understand their thinking it made it VERY hard to decide which one to use. Though "Hey Goody Goody" describes my commitment to follow-up, and "This is Love" is a beautiful portrait of Christ's love and what ours SHOULD be; I settled on "What's going on in Antioch" because it reminded me so much of the thoughts going through my head before and during my Christian birthing time

Writing this segment of me testimony was good for me. I wore out the cassette and haven't heard his music in 15 years. I made a search and found hid site
As a new Christian he blessed me and helped to mold the path I would follow. For over 30 hours on the road we listened, sang, and talked about what he was saying and what it really meant to be a Christian. I encourage you to go by his site to both listen to and consider buying some of his music.

The things I learned during this part of my growth was to be happy with what God was doing for people. If they smoke, but grow in other areas "PRAISE GOD" ; If they still go to the bars, but tell their friends there "PRAISE GOD". This was the battler Paul had; the Christians in Jerusalem wanted the Greek Christians to be circumcised and follow their customs. Let God have his way and "PRAISE GOD" for all things. If you are in doubt; Pray, both for their growth and yours.

Now sit back and listen again to the music and what he is saying. When finished the music will replay till you go to another page/

More from my walk and some Great music will continue on the next page

The music on this page is What's going on in Antioch-Ken Medema

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