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    After we met the Lord, many things changed. At that time I thought they were all bad, but I see the Good in them now.

    The Mine I used to work at shut down and 5,000 of us were suddenly un-employed. My income dropped from $40,000.00 + per year to un-employment ($146.00 week). I did many things but eventually moved to Denver. We worked for a lady that had a home for teen aged girls; believe me girls are harder to work with than boys, they are more street wise. After one of the girls dropped a cigarette in a chair and caught her house on fire, we moved into a 8X18 foot travel trailer I had left. During the next two years we lived in several park and rec. areas. Because of the way we lived I was able to pay everyone what we owed without filling bankruptcy.

    By now I had a job driving a pickup for almost twice the min wage, and We found an apartment building that needed someone to manage it. This is where my next learning experience started. A Real apartment with flushing toilets. I was soon longing for our camper trailer. I fondly refer to the apartments as "Cockroach Heaven"! When you turned the lights on the floor moved to the walls.

    I also had some hang-ups from my BC life.(Before Christ). I was VERY straight and hated Homosexuals. Out of 18 units 11 were Gay. I said I trusted the Lord, so the door was open for me to work through things.

    Now on the lessons I was about to learn. The first lesson was to trust the Lord without wavering or preparing myself. Though I was bold, foul, and even on the grotesque side in my BC life, I was not tuff, brave or particularly manly. I defiantly trusted no-one. During the next 6 months I grew to see things in a different light. This Apartment was anything but a safe place. Here are a few of the things that happened.

    We lived in the basement apartment; so one night at around 2 am a man was crawling into out bedroom feet first through the window. I gently tapped him on the back just above his waist and ask if I could help him find Jesus? No Idea what seeds were planted but I am sure he thought about it when he got home. I never did see his face, but he flew back out the basement window.

    Another night there was a ruckus in the hallway. Now I slept in what the Lord gave me, so I slipped my pants on (nothing else), and walked out into the hall to find one of my tenants in full drag pinned against the wall with a knife to his throat I simply said "the police are on their way, I suggest you leave". Again he shrugged his shoulders and left. Children, don't try this: but I did learn to trust the Lord.

    I also learned what it was to obey even when it was not a popular action. Try taking 4 men, obviously gay to church with you. It is amazing how a fairly full church will suddenly find a whole section empty when you begin to seat yourselves. God uses many things to show the true heart of believers.

    Yes I saw people in three piece suits fall into sin of judgment. But I also saw the nature of man, and even myself fall into the sin of justification. We can justify murder (John Wayne "I never killed nobody that didn't need killing") and feel righteous about it. I, as most of us am guilty of these things. I call them secret sins. Any of us can look at a gay person and point a figure saying "That is sin"; but what about the sins of the heart that no-one sees?

    Now don't get me wrong! I'm not defending the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle. But what was Christ writing in the sand when the Pharisees wanted him to condemn the prostitute. This may not be your sin, but it may cause you to fall. Open your spiritual eyes and look into your heart.

    Every now and again I get a letter from someone who has chosen the Gay Lifestyle; as last week. Here is my reply;

    People seem to mis-understand that Love and sex are not the same. There are 5 kinds of love in the Bible; the only one reserved for a man and woman only is the sexual love, and that is for male and female not the same sex.

    Our English language is very lacking when it comes to the word love. I love many people, both male and female, and find this love to be beautiful. I can say that I would lay down my life for many people if it came to that. But the Bible is very clear that I am to love only one woman in a sexual way. And even if the sexual act (For whatever reason) doesn't happen, I am still true to ONLY her in this respect. Please, never confuse the act of sex and love.

    I do not Judge you or others, but as a Christian I must warn you that you are building a canyon between you and the Lord if you are in an improper relationship, irregardless whether it is a Gay or heterosexual relationship. The longer you pursue this relation the further you get from the Lord. If you have been excommunicated from your spiritual family, I am sorry. It should be treated as a sin, but only Satan condemns, not me. If you sin is causing others to sin, then you should be asked to leave because of them; but only God judges you. You are the one who stands before God. When he asks why you should be allowed in heaven, what will your answer be?


What I have Learned:
    I have learned to accept all of the Lords people without being critical of their doctrine. I should judge the acts for what they are, not the people or their doctrines. All Doctrines come from mans ideas. There are only two doctrines I hold to be true, all others should fall under these two categories. They are as follows:

    1. Jesus Christ died for my sins and rose on the third day, cleansed of all MY sins and that only through his grace and mercy do I have a chance to be redeemed and live eternity in His Mansion.

    2. The Bases of Christianity is the doctrine of Love. And the first doctrine is really covered under This doctrine of LOVE. So if I were to boil all that I have to learn it is to LOVE.

    I could spend pages (Hours) justifying how Love covers all other doctrine, but it would be a waste of time because if you don't believe it you will justify your own sins no matter what. Instead let me clarify what LOVE is.

    To truly love is to give everything you are and have for love, even your life. To LOVE is to be willing to die for it. To die for something is to truly Love. Very few people really understand true love because they value their life too much. No I do not have a death wish, but only to live for the love of the Lord in whatever degree he deems for me to show it; even unto death.

Other Doctrines:
    I have many, and when I spout them most people walk away shaking their head in dis-belief. Blessing to them. It is this Love that allows me to go to the Jewish, Catholics, Baptists, and all others; even Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses and know that God is there and can work with them. Even when I have serious problems with their beliefs I can see God in their presence.

    I've known a brother who was stabbed 20 tome, and while he was being stabbed the was telling the perpetrators about God's Love. Do you love enough to do this?

    Romans 13:10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.
    1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
    1 John 4:12 No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

    God's Love goes beyond all barriers and religious beliefs.

    If you have a problem with my beliefs; PRAY for me! I can always use it, and it will always do more good than stones.

    And if you agree with me the still Pray for me! I always need it.

    I stated last that some of my beliefs don't meet the normal standards. But only I will need to answer for my beliefs and sins. You will have to answer for yours. What secret sins do you have to work on?

    Don't tell me, but ask God what they are and how to deal with them, and let others deal with their sins.

    Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.


    In the future I hope to tell more of my growth and how we got started on our ministry with handicapped children. As I get them finished I will add the here, but I felt that I should get what I have out now and add more later.


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These are other songs of Don Francisco The are only in 32 k per sec form to download faster, the ones at his site are full 128k per second, which is a better quality but also 3 times the size. Too Small A Price - Don Francisco
Adam Where Are You - Don Francisco
As It Was - Don Francisco
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Just as it Was/ So Shall it Be - Don Francisco
Steeple Song - Don Francisco
Willing To Heal - Don Francisco
Prosperity - Don Francisco

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