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Many people have ask about my web master ability and what I have done. Friends finally convinced me I should make a directory of the pages and sites I have been a part of,own, designed,and just host.

I will try to give a description with the links where appropriate.

AngelFairy Pages :
This site is pretty big so I made it to open into a new window When you close you should return here. I both host the domain and co-design some of them when Diana(Angelfairy) is not available.

The following are my "Angelfairy Pages" which will open up in this frame. To return just click the back button or the AngelFairy Pages buttom on the left screen.

Fun Pages

There are a lot of pages on several sites. The will show up in this frame Just click you back button of the "Fun Pages" link on the left side

Java Pages

I've Already shown the pages on Angelfairy above, so here are the Java pages on

My Domains

I have about 40 domains, but most of them lead to the same place

Other Domains I Designed

Domains I host

Sub-Domains I Host



If are looking for a place to grow stop at some of these pages for teaching from the heart.

Teaching the Lord has given to Mike Hodapp

The Lord has laid several teaching and other thoughts on my heart. Though they have been for me I think others may benefit from them. I come from a different prospective than any other messages I have heard on these topics. If you don't agree that's OK.

Yeshua's MinistryThis is VERY out dated but will show you our beginning


Special Interest
Still thinking about this.


I have many thousands of graphics you are welcome to. If they are Copy Right, them please honor the artist with a link to his site as well.Anything else please link to our site for using them.

Tubes (PaintShopPro)

I presently have about 2000 more that I am trying to find time to make pages for

Join our mailig lists
They are ALL Christian lists

Help wanted, I have lots of room to grow, but I am short on time. If you know how to make web pages, write stories(Christian or family type), or have other ideas that would bless people send me an email with your ideas to Mike Hodapp